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Huseynov Jalil Gafar oglu

Honored Artist

People's Artist, Professor

He was born on April 1, 1957.
In 1977 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Art College named after A. Azimzade.
In 1977-1982 he graduated from the Kharkov State Art Institute with a degree in monumental painting.
From 1982 to 2000 he worked at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts as a teacher, head teacher, assistant professor, head of the department and dean. In 2000-2010 he worked as vice-rector for educational work of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts.
He is the author of the textbooks "Academic Painting" and "Descriptions and Planes", published in 2000-2002.
In 2002, the Higher Attestation Commission awarded him the title of professor.
In 2002 he was awarded the title of Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic, and in 2005 - the title of People's Artist.
Since 1982 he has regularly participated in various national and international exhibitions. Participated in exhibitions organized in different countries: USA, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Syria, UAE, Ukraine and others ... A number of his works are kept in the Azerbaijan National Art Museum, Baku Museum of Modern Art and private collections ... Since 1983 he is a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
He regularly participated in republican exhibitions of the Union of Artists and in exhibitions organized abroad.

List of creative works and exhibitions

Monumental works:
1. Monumental painting on the wall "Our World" - Belgorod, lobby of the Pedagogical Institute, 1979
2. Monumental painting on the wall "Nature" - Kharkov, polyclinic number 20, 1980
3. Monumental painting on the wall "History of our aviation" - Kharkov, Aviation Institute. foyer, 1981
4. Sketch "Development of Science" - All-Union Exhibition, Tbilisi, 1983
5. Monumental painting on the wall "World of childhood" - Neftchala, kindergarten foyer, 1983
6. Monumental painting on the wall "Nature and Music" - Nakhichevan, the foyer of the music school, 1985
7. Stained glass on the theme of nature.

List of several paintings:
1. "Sadness" 100x80, k.y.b. - exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the USSR, Baku, 1987
2. "Metro" 100x120, k.y.b. - republican and all-Union exhibition "Youth of the country", Moscow, 1987
3. "Still life" 80x80, k.y.b. - Republican and All-Union exhibition "Youth of the country", Moscow, 1988
4. "In the light of the moon" 70x80, k.y.b. - Republican exhibition "Guarding the Motherland", 1989
5. "Nude woman" 70x110, k.y.b. - Istanbul, Turkey, 2000
6. "Trees" 50x70, k.y.b. - Tbilisi, 2002
7. "Sea" 70x120, k.y.b - Republican exhibition, 2005
8. "Workshop" 100x110, k.y.b - Germany, 2008
9. "Absheron landscapes" (series), k.y.b. - Republican exhibition, 2015
10. "Garden House" 70x90, k.y.b. - France, 2009
11. "Absheron village" 60x90, k.y.b. - exhibition of Azerbaijani artists in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2016
12. "Yanar Dag" 60x120, k.y.b. - Turkey, 2018
13. "Behind Malbert" 90x110, k.y.b - Moscow, 2004
14. "Lying Woman" 80x120, k.y.b. - Baku Museum of Modern Art, 2012
15. "Landscape of Nakhchivan" 40x80, k.y.b. - Azerbaijan National Art Museum, 2014
16. "Still life" 70x100, k.y.b. - Ministry of Culture, 2009
17. "Metro miners" 100x120, room at. - Ministry of Culture, 2001
18. "Landscape" 30x70, k.y.b. - Baku Museum of Modern Art, 2013, etc.

List of decorations and illustrations for the books of the artist Jalil Gafar oglu Huseynov:
1. Nizami Ganjavi "Lyrics"
2. B. Vakhabzade "Poems".
3. N. Khazri "earth, I swear to you"
4. Marquez "Anticipated Murder"
5. S. Sakhavat "Narrow shirt".
6. H. Abbas "If I were to blame"
7. T. Bayram "Poems".
8. S. Gasimly "My worried mother".
9. R. Duigoon "World of Chaos"
10. A. Mirza "The Window I Look Through".
11. M. Abdullayeva "Abandoned nests".
12. J. Akhmadov "Aran".
13. I. Ismailzade "Night for the whole life."
14. A. Hasanli "The Shadow of that Tree".
15. Ch.Kalaev "Ainur"

He was awarded gold medals and first places at a number of republican exhibitions.
In 2018, he was awarded the National Heritage Award by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Huseynov has been working as an author of architectural projects since 1986. There are architectural samples built by his projects in a number of cities and regions of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Building of vocational lyceums named after Heydar Aliyev in Kars and Izmir, Turkey. Higher Oil School in Baku, British college (2015), YAP administrative building in Khazar and Nizami districts, Hotel building on Shikhov beach, kindergarten building in Keshla settlement, Astara tea factory in Astara district, Heydar Aliyev Museum in Balakan district, Youth center, YAP administrative building, H.Aliyev museum, Children's Art school, H.Aliyev museum in Gusar region, Cafe, Youth house, YAP administrative building in Siyazan region, Youth house, H.Aliyev museum, Ethnography museum in Shamakhi region, Shamakhi Diagnostic center, Naftalan IH administrative building, H .Aliyev museum and others. can be shown.
Jalil Huseynov currently works as a professor at the Department of Painting of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts.